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Romeo O Romeo

Cigar Reviewed: Romeo y Julieta Romeo

Smoked at: Ohio

The Romeo Y Julieta Romeo is a nice mid bodied cigar. Burns evenly and holds a solid ash up to about 2 inches smoked. Mildly disappointed in the wrapper as it began flaking after being cut. It toasted nicely and had a pleasant smelling smoke. It had typical aromatics that would be expected from a Cuban cigar that were earthy in nature. The flavor of the cigar was stronger in the first half but mellowed out as the smoke progressed. Peppery, woody, and earthy at the start, it slowly transitioned to a mellow nuttiness. The only drawbacks to the smoke was the construction. As a smoker I usually do not remove the band as I appreciate the appearance, however in this instance I would have been unable to remove the band if that WERE my preference as the wrapper had started coming undone below the band. Additionally, I found small bits of tobacco beginning to flake from the end during the smoke. Overall, I give a solid 3 star rating due to issues with construction I was unable to award it with a 4th star. Were construction solid it would have easily been rated as a 4 star smoke. I would absolutely recommend this smoke so long as the smoker can acquire the stick for a sensible price.

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