Cigar Reviewed: Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented

The partnership with Drew Estate to help make this cigar can be seen when you smoke it. Great collaboration. First off, the smell is extremely enjoyable and kind of strong right out of the box. But it isn’t overwhelmingly strong with one or another flavors. That way you can enjoy all of the flavors the fermented process allows to bring through the cigar. In the cold draw/first draw, you get a vanilla and a little charred oak taste. In smoking the first third of the cigar you still get the same vanilla and charred oak, but also with a little bit of cinnamon, other spices and a little aged leather taste. The burn is smooth throughout the whole cigar and doesn’t require touch-ups like some. Towards the end of the cigar you get more of the charred oak and aged leather taste that tends to bury the vanilla, cinnamon and other spice flavors that are more prevalent at first. Overall a great cigar that I highly recommend for others to enjoy with a nice glass of Pappy’s, (if you can get your hand on some) or a nice bourbon.

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