Cigar Reviewed: Rocky Patel Number 6

Sometimes you look at a cigar and you judge it by the band, I would say to myself “The band on that cigar is big and fancy, trying too hard. I’m going to pass”. I know that is not a way to pick a great cigar, but hey it’s my life and possibly my lost. Looking at the Rocky Petal (RP) Number Six, I get that same feeling looking at the band, the black matte with the shiny back lay, I must agree, it is impressive. So, yes I got a five pack, for birthday that was selected by my loving wife.

The RP Number 6 that I have is the sixty, 6 x 60. The hue is an oily orange tinted wrapper that is smooth once you really look at it, at first sight it looks like all the rest of the casual cigars out there. The binder is Honduras, filler Honduras, Nicaragua and I was happy to fact that the wrapper was Honduras Corojo. The sniff test gives off a very light licorice, cedar, black pepper, and a hint of mint. The ring gauge is large so I used a crown cut (2 V-Cuts). The cold draw had a creaminess to it, also notice that it was not very tight, so maybe it is well built or not filled as much as it could be, either way, it is getting smoked.

Toasted the foot and the rich aroma of licorice and cedar, not a bad foot note. The first draw was a tinge to the back of the palate of pepper. Second draw was more even out and could seat back and enjoy. The flavors show up and fade. The fade spells are short and the balance of flavors show back up, with a great mixture. Very pleased on the amount of smoke output as it did not make me fell like a chimney on a cold day. This is a longer smoke than my usual robusto cigars. The middle section is great, the nuttiness of the Corojo wrapper is becoming more pronounce. The fading flavor is okay now because the Corojo wrapper gives the absence of filler a break. Maybe that is why it was not packed and meaty like a summer sausage. The final third, which puts me 2 hour time frame, I listen to music whilst smoking and I am now choosing a third playlist. The flavors are now getting pretty strong and seems as if pepper decided to be introduced as a mainstay for the final portion, its okay because the creaminess the filler is providing. The ash on this cigar is not very tight which goes with the smoke not being super tight.

No big issues with the smoke, for me it was not a premium smoke as the promotional pitch is representing as, but a good solid smoke, maybe not a daily smoke but I would keep it is rotation. So on a dice rolling scale, big red (7 out of 12).

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