Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo Vintage 2010

Smoked at: Nashville, TN

Pre-light draw had a leather tasting profile. The stick was wrapped tight with a few lines in the foot, probably signs of the aged Connecticut shade wrapper. This gaudy red colored band was larger then others adorning some of my other favorite sticks, but I never judge a book by its cover when it relates to premium cigars. This tightly wrapped Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican blend produced a stunning light grey cream colored ash with an uneven burn line that I didn’t have to touch up to enjoy.

The draw was superb and effortless, which was surprising given the few imperfections I noted in the aged wrapper. The first third was pleasantly enjoyable with tastes of raisins. I paired the stick with my morning Columbian flavored Nespresso and it did not disappoint. The ultra smooth flavors complimented one another nicely. About halfway through I got a pretty long ash line that I only had to reheat twice for the whole smoke. I thought this was impressive since a Toro Grande (6.62x54) is a bit larger then what I typically smoke. The enjoyable flavor profile made it worth the additional puffs and time it took to smoke it all.

The taste throughout was consistent, but right before I got to the red band I got hints of cinnamon. As the band began to loosen, and I slowly approached the last third, my palette had notes of black coffee. My draw was still effortless and leisurely. After finishing my Nespresso I concluded that a nice IPA beer would also compliment this cigar’s flavor. This cigar will be my newest addition to my smoking rotation for golf rounds and mid morning smokes.

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