Smoked: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

First impressions:

Visually appealing with the striped swirl wrapper

Smell is sweet out of the bag and doesn’t smell artificial

Wrapper has a nice oily leaf and is sweet to the taste

Construction is pretty solid and well rolled

First light:

Cigar lit well and evenly

The first puff hits your lips with sweetness and the sweet flavor gets a little deeper as the cigar heats up

Ash is white and holding well

First 1/3:

Initial flavor is sweet caramel with spicy tobacco notes

Smoke is sweet and cool (cigar not burning hot)

Ash fell off before I reached the 2/3

The closer I got to 2/3 the hotter the smoke became, there was noticeable tunneling going on with how the cigar was rolled

Second 1/3:

Have to work hard to keep cigar lit, when I let it rest the smoke is very meager

The cream flavors are still there but you really have to rest the cigar, I can’t really taste the espresso

Ash fell off before I reached the 3/3

Last 1/3:

Tobacco flavors picked up on the last 3rd but the cigar went out in me

Overall impressions:

This is like an elevated black & mild with sweet flavors. I probably wouldn’t buy this but it was an interesting experience.

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