Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

Thank you Cigar World Testing Lab for this excellent cigar!

Strong aroma of coffee when I opened the box. Great start! Firm feel with a little give. It was ready to smoke when I got it. Mellow to medium body. Open draw, a little loose for my preference but not terrible. Strong white ash throughout. Mostly even burn, didn’t need any touch ups. Paired well with a hazelnut iced coffee.

Great coffee flavor from start to finish. Some sweetness but fits the bill for this type of smoke. I don’t usually smoke sweetened or flavored cigars but if I’m looking for one, I’d definitely seek this one out. Definitely one of the better coffee cigars I’ve had. Prefer it over the nub double and triple roast.

I smoked this casually in about 75 min.

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