Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo Inspirado Red

Smoked at: NC

Macanudo cigars don’t always get the respect they deserve. I don’t know if this is because the Macanudo Café is many cigar enthusiasts first real cigar and they feel the need to “trade-up” to show they are no longer novices ...or they just get bored with cigars that tend to be on the milder side and want more stimulation ... or if Macanudo cigars just aren’t perceived as being “trendy” or “cool.” Let’s face it, no one in the cigar bar is going to ask you about your cigar when you’re enjoying a Macanudo instead of some very high-end boutique stick.

Well, anyone who turns their nose up at the Macanudo Red is missing a stick that puts almost every boutique stick I've tried to shame. This gem has a Nicaraguan Jalapa wrapper surrounding three incredible filler tobaccos - a 12-year aged Nicaraguan Ometepe, a 10-year aged Honduran Jamastran, and a 5-year aged Nicaraguan Jamastran that together provide an incredibly smooth smoke that the perfect balance of flavor and spice - at a price that is quite nice. Try one soon and I'm sure you'll agree - and then ask Santa to put a box under your tree.

Herf SSC


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