Cigar Reviewed: ACID ACID 20

The cigar is a box-pressed dark leaf beauty. Very interesting to hold and small enough to not feel overwhelming. It was an easy smoke.

Upon removing from the wrapper, I could smell the sweetness that Drew Estate has infused these cigars with. The aroma is similar to Kuba and Atom. I place my lips around the cap and tasted the sweet flavors and was so eager to light. I utilized my punch cutter to place a small hole in the center of the cap. Using my tri-flame lighter, I prepped the cigar. The initial burn released the pungent aromas Acid is known for. I placed the cigar on my lips and began to puff as the lighter took over the end with flames. The light was easy and the small size made it light evenly with little effort. Like an Acid, the smell tempts the nose as you puff and the flavors are medium. The smoke has chocolatey notes and woodsy flavors but leaves the sweetness on the lips. The first cigar seemed to fly by. Maybe the size and box-pressed shape or maybe I was eager. Looking forward to my next go around.


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