Cigar Reviewed: Cohiba Nicaragua

I had high hopes for this cigar considering the Cohiba brand. Its a good smoke, but not great. Dry hit was nice and leathery after cutting with a V-cutter.

First third, initial light up was a little inconsistent, so I had a feeling this was gonna burn a little wonky. The leathery flavors still very nice, with some earthy notes on the let out. Unfortunately, I had to touch up the burn a few times in the first third of the cigar. Which I normally don't have to on a Cohiba.

Second third, still having to touch up the burn every couple of pulls. The leathery flavor still very strong, but the earthy notes fading into a spicy, cayenne pepper flavor with a hint of walnut. However, I can't really enjoy the cigar as much as I'd like because of the burn. Towards the second half of this third the burn started to even out and I was able to sit and enjoy it.

Final third, the burn issues have faded. The leathery notes almost gone, and the spice is definitely starting to come through alot more. Nice strong ash consistency in this third, however. Only had to touch up the burn once. This cigar goes nice with Glenlivet scotch, or maybe a gin martini.

Overall, this cigar was good, but also a bit of a let down considering the nice packaging and semi-high sell price. Honestly, I would have given it 5 stars if I didn't have to touch it up so much.

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