Cigar Reviewed: CAO Flavours Moontrance

Smoked at: Salem, OR

As a beginner cigar smoker I started out smoking gas station flavored cigars such as Swisher sweets, Phillies and others because they seem to provide some sort of training wheels to the whole cigar experience. Eventually I graduated to a much higher quality of flavored cigar and that was the CAO Flavours line. I fixated on Moontrance with it’s bodacious bourbon-vanilla scintillating séance of the senses. After I was done nibbling, the fruity aromas was the cherry on top of a mouthwatering treat that taunted me to bite down and take the bait! I was hooked, gladly and more than willingly hooked. CAO’s Moontrance was the golden ticket that jump-started my current cigar obsession. To me, it was more than just a foot in the door, it was a beautiful belly-flop into the wonderful world of cigars of all kinds.

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