Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

The Testing Lab was kind enough to send one of these cigars my way and I am sure glad that they did! The aroma from the foot out of the cellophane was a coffee and chocolate delight! It's barberpole design catches the eye and notes the toothiness of the darker wrap.The cold draw tasted of coffee and bread with sweetness on my lips from the wrapper.

The cigar lights easily and I am immediately hit with the coffee flavor. Smoke output is excellent. Retrohale has a cedar sweetness, nearly anise, and very little spice.

Each puff tastes of coffee, but I also detect a bitterness in the finish.

As far as construction, the cigar seems well made though there are some prominent veins. It burns perfectly, needing no touch ups.

At the halfway point, I expect that the cream will shine through and the experience remain calm. Instead, the spiciness increases and stays on the palate for the remainder of the smoke. That bitterness is still present, but so is the coffee flavor and sweetness on the lips.

I enjoy flavored and infused cigars, so it was wonderful to try this one. I paired it with seltzer, but would like to try another with coffee. Perhaps the bitterness of each would complement the other.

Overall, 4 out of 5 stars for me. (1 star means it was the worst flavor/experience, could not finish it, and I would never smoke it again. 2 stars means I smoked most of it, but did not like the flavor or had a really bad experience with the burn. 3 stars means I smoked the whole thing and it was fine, but didn't stand out for any reason. 4 stars means that I smoked it, enjoyed it, and would smoke it again. 5 stars means that it is my favorite cigar that has the flavor and experience that I desire whenever I smoke a cigar (and I can't wait until I find that one).

Looking forward to having this again when it is available!

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