Smoked: Asylum Insidious Maduro 764

Smoked at: My Backyard

Now, this is a manly cigar! I tell you what, I'm pleasantly surprised with this cigar. Upon initial light-up, the creamy cocoa is left on your lips. I actually took a double-take to look at the cigar (why? I don't know, but I did) to see why it tasted so good! Man, it's a lip smacker for sure for an "unflavored" cigar, almost reminded me of a chocolatey version of a Swisher Sweet, but without the plastic. You may not like flavored cigars, but that's not what this is, it just has a lot of cocoa on the palate and I mean all the way through, but not in a gimmicky kind of way. The nice spice from the Mexican San Andreas Maduro Leaf gives it a nice spice as well that goes exceptionally well together. Dudes, I'm really enjoying this cigar! I would say this is a mildly-robust cigar if that makes sense. I think a "newb" could enjoy this just as much as a seasoned smoker. I'll definitely be adding some more of these to my humidor arsenal! Might have another later tonight.






IMG 20201208 134315 Bokeh v2


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