Smoked: CAO Mortal Coil

CAO Arcana Mortal Coil

Pre light - dark chocolate, molasses, rich fudge aroma

Cold draw - Fig Newton with a touch of pepper on the lips

1st third - dark fruity notes, smooth on the retrohale, hint of black pepper hitting the back of the throat with a long finish. Slight notes of cedar showing up. Getting sort of a dried floral note on the retrohale. Medium - Full body.

2nd third - transitioning into a more earthy profile, picking up a musty tobacco note. Picking up notes of fig. Slight vegetal notes. Required a burn touch up as cigar went out on its own. Sweet spice starting to take over palate. Black pepper on the retrohale as cigar is tarting to become more full bodied.

Final third - This cigar has definitely transitioned to a full bodied stick and the strength is starting to ramp up. Picking up nutty notes. Red pepper notes also starting to take a front seat. Retrohale is intense and eye watering so no more until I’m done. Getting a sweet pepper to round out the final third.

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