Smoked: CAO Session

Smoked at: My Backyard

Finally, getting the chance to sit down for an afternoon "Session" by CAO. While CAO L'Anniversaire Maduro is one of my all time favorites, this is a nice alternative, though at a slightly higher price point (but in the same ballpark $). Nice leather and spice upon light-up. Great taste, but not too happy with the filler construction so far. Just lit her up and had about a 1/4-1/2 of ash going, bumped my ashtray slightly, and ash broke right off. Hmmm. Box pressed L'Anniversaire don't seem to have that problem, but at least the second ash is still burning evenly without requiring a touch-up. The white ash is definitely as described to the contrast of the dark wrapper. Slightly less intense than the Maduro, but get the earthy and cinnamon notes loud and clear. Like the secondary band says, "Sit, Smoke, Chill". It's truly worth a try and makes for a great "chill" cigar!

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