Smoked: Macanudo Vintage 2010

Smoked at: Tennessee

First of all, thank you for selecting this old Marine cigar smoker to sample this Macanudo Vintage 2010. I didn't particularly care for the "Vintage" blends, until NOW! It was a very interesting surprise to light this big boy up! Just thinking about a 10 year ageing period made me, at first, to wonder if I should even light it up.WOW, I'm so glad I did. With hints of cedar wood and Vanilla, this creamy, mild to medium smoke, had me hooked from the first draw. I actually had to look for the label again on this golden brown, Connecticut wrapper. The year 2010 must have been a great year for these blends of tobacco, and 2021 was a great year to smoke one of these beauties.Thank you so much for the invite, and I can't wait to see what's next, if this is only the beginning!

Mac Vintage Render


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