Cigar Reviewed: Macanudo M Espresso with Cream

WOW!! This cigar was one that I will remember for sure. I can only hope that this goes into production and hits stores SOON. First impression of the unlit cigar…beautiful wrapper, made up of a darker and lighter leaf wrapped in a candy cane pattern. It had a strong, deliciously sweet smell which was evident through the wrapper. After lighting it and taking the first few draws I immediately tasted the hints of espresso with very strong creamy notes, reminding me of half & half creamer. Throughout the first third I also tasted, what I would refer to as, hints of caramel. After each draw I enjoyed the sweet taste that was left on my lips. After two thirds of the cigar was smoked, I started to notice that the flavor mellowed out a bit. However, there was still a very distinct creamy espresso flavor that was very easy to pick up on. The final third was very smooth with more of a mild-medium tobacco tobacco flavor with consistent undertones of cream and espresso. I smoked this cigar right down until I couldn’t comfortably hold it anymore, and could still pick up on delicious flavors. I had a beautifully consistent burn the entire time, with only one correction. I really hope that I have the opportunity to buy and smoke more of these in the future, but until then, I will be purchasing more of the M by Macanudo cigars.

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