Cigar Reviewed: Padron Family Reserve Maduro

Smoked at: Boca Raton

Old School rolling techniques mated with the highest quality decade aged tobaccos, culminates into one of the most elegant Nicaraguan cigars ever.

My curiosity was instantly peaked by the ever so slightest hint of fresh but unsweetened fruit, which was quickly accompanied by what I can only begin to explain as a soft delicate earthy yet almost woodsy herbal type of delicate spice note, as I took a slow long cold draw from this expertly wrapped cigar.

Upon lighting this most magnificently rolled 56 gauge toro, came an almost inexplicable wave of warm and gentle lusciousness just as the smoke wafted over my tastebuds and swirled around in my mouth. What had began as a wave had now exploded into a raging tsunami of delicate creamy chocolate and caramelized almond flavors which ended with a hint of earthy cinnamon and a traces of cayenne undertones.

A quarter of the way through what was starting to become an almost religious experience, I decided to pour myself

a tiny neat glass of Balvenie 21yr Old Port Wood Finish Single Malt Scotch.

I spent the next 90 minutes in what I can only call a state of absolute bliss.

This is a cigar that you should keep one put aside for a rainy day, because smoking one is like a ray of sunshine.


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