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CAO Pilón Añejo

We know a thing or 2 about making great cigars. I mean we’ve been doing this a long time. Some may even say we’re the best in the universe. But, hey, who are we to disagree. So, to celebrate the fact that Pilon Anejo is an exquisite blend that pushes the envelope of flavor.

An oily Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper covers a rich Honduran Habano binder, filled with seco and ligero leaf from the Dominican and Nicaragua.

This spicy cigar blend was rolled in 2019 and intentionally aged for an extra 2 years to let the complex blend continue to evolve and mature. These cigars are super savory, rich, with a hit of spice.

Pilon Anejo is an exercise in patience…we wanted to bring this out earlier because it was so good, but we had to remind ourselves that good things happen to those who wait.


Flavor Profile



Ecuador Sumatra



Tasting Notes

Earthy, Smooth, Spicy, Caramel

Drink Pairings

Rye, Aged Rum, Porter

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