August 26, 2023 marks International Dog Day, and we would be amiss to let this day go by without calling out another Top Shop Dog!! This month, we are featuring Peggy from Embargo Cigar Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona. Peggy, a Great Dane, is our youngest shop dog yet. She is just over one year old, and not even full grown yet. Peggy is not only an adorable pup, but she is a service dog to the shop owner, Abe Froman. This means that Peggy gets to travel the country in Froman’s classic car. She has been to The Rumbler’s Car Club Show in NYC and most recently at PCA in Las Vegas.


When Peggy is not out on an adventure, she can be found milling around the shop, playing with her toys, engaging with customers, or taking a nap in her huge bed. No one has the heart to tell this giant gal that she is not a lap dog, so if you head into Embargo Cigar Lounge, she might just sit on your lap. With those eyes though, she will never get turned away! Peggy also has quite the crew of misfits on her hands at Embargo, and her biggest pet peeve is when Chicken, one of the notorious retailers at the shop, leaves his feathers all over her bed. (IYKYK)

You can visit Peggy at Embargo Cigar Lounge or if you can’t make it out to Phoenix, follow her on Instagram @embargo_peggy.

Embargo Cigar Lounge

8341 N 7th St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85020

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When you walk into your favorite cigar shop, you encounter the familiar environment that you love. The smell of delicious, aged tobacco, the humid air produced by the humidor, the usual cigar enthusiasts gathered around catching up on the usual topics, and in some shops the friendly face of a furry friend.

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