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You have already met Darwin (if not click here.) As we continue with our adventures in Canines of the Leaf, we want to introduce you to Shiner from Renegade Cigars in Richardson, TX. Not only is Shiner the resident shop dog, but her adorable face is also the logo for Renegade Cigars. 

Shiner is a 9-year-old French Bulldog. She has been a regular at Renegade Cigars since she was two years old. While she isn’t a young pup anymore, she is still full of energy and personality. Her favorite things are going on walks, visiting her friends in the shop, playing rope with mom, and simply hanging out outside when her owner, Brandon Hayes, goes to smoke a cigar. In fact, whenever Brandon walks by his humidor, she goes nuts. She knows she is either about to get a walk or to spend some quality time outside with dad.

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Shiner is still a single pooch but can only blame herself. She tends to play a little too rough with other doggos, so she sticks with her human companions. She is known to jump from lap to lap with her “boyfriends” in the shop. Due to her love of the customers, she isn’t a guard dog per se, but a greeter instead.

Her favorite meal is delivered to her from Farmer’s Dog... spoiled much? As for treats, she loves bacon and frozen Greek yogurt bars, but only in moderation of course. Why not spoil this pupper? She is in fact the face behind Renegade Cigars, as you can see from their logo. 

If you find yourself in the Richardson, TX area, make sure to swing by Renegade Cigars to grab yourself a delicious treat or some Shiner swag, but don’t forget to bring in something meaty for Shiner. Maybe a bacon flavored Greek yogurt bar! (Do these even exist?)

Renegade Cigars

1002 N Central Expy #589

Richardson, TX 75080

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    How cool! Keep them coming, completely enjoy each COTL.