When you walk into your favorite cigar shop, you encounter the familiar environment that you love. The smell of delicious, aged tobacco, the humid air produced by the humidor, the usual cigar enthusiasts gathered around catching up on the usual topics, and in some shops the friendly face of a furry friend. I have been traveling all over the country, exploring different tobacconist shops and found a common occurrence in my adventures, the shop dog. 

There are many shops that have adorable doggies snuggled up in their favorite spot or roaming around greeting the guests. Everyone in the shop seems to know the doggo’s name, maybe even more than the staff working! These pups are loved and adored by all, and I thought that at Cigar World, we needed to give some recognition to these Canines of the Leaf. 

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The first pup I encountered on my journeys was Darwin at Revolucion Cigars and Fine Gifts in Vancouver, BC. Darwin is a long hair mini dachshund who captivates everyone who comes into the shop, even non-dog lovers. Once Darwin gets comfortable around people, he is very affectionate, but don’t take that for granted. Darwin is very territorial, especially when it comes to a drunken passerby from one of the nearby pubs. 

Darwin is skilled in walking off leash and playing with neighboring businesses. Darwin has been coming into the shop for the past three years. When he is not at the shop, you can find him visiting new places, sniffing around, hiking, enjoying lake days, paddle boarding, visiting friends, exploring the dog beach, and chilling at home. 

Darwin is on a raw food diet that he loves, and his treats are the freeze-dried ones and beef jerky, the stinkier the better. He loves toys and balls that squeak. Darwin gets all happy wagging his tail, grabs the toy and runs to his bed to play with it. His ultimate goal is destruction. He plays until he gets the squeakers out. Paulos, Darwin’s owner, loves to give him a lamb shaped toy that has 8 or more squeakers inside every year for his birthday.

Speaking of birthdays, each year Revolucion hosts Darwin’s birthday party at the shop which brings in a lot of joy and friends with toys and treats. Darwin is a single doggo, but he has lots of friends both inside and outside the shop. His peeves are loud noises, vacuums, remote control cars, drunk, loud people, and people who approach him from the top too fast. 

So if you find yourself in Vancouver, you definitely need to grab some beef jerky, squeaky toys and head to Revolucion to meet Darwin in person. 

Revolucion Cigars and Fine Gifts

1063 Mainland Street

Vancouver, V6B 5P9


Let us know in the comments if there is a shop dog would you like for us to feature.

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