Sometimes, we come across some unique creators in our search for Artisan’s Corner, and Skate Chair definitely fits this mold. Not only are John’s creations different, but they reuse items that would typically be thrown away, so we loved the sustainability part of these pieces. Read about how John came to be in this “quirky” business below.
Jean: Hello! I am so excited to interview you for Cigar World. I thought your furniture was so cool and definitely loved the idea of the upcycling aspect to it. So why don’t we start off with you telling me a bit about yourself.

John: Hey Jean thank you so much, I really appreciate the interest in the furniture. I’m just your average skater from New York with big ideas, lucky enough to be able to do what I do.  


Jean: Obviously, you love skateboarding. When did you start skateboarding?

John: Funny enough, I started pretty late compared to my friends, I wasn’t super interested in learning how to skate until I tried it myself, then I truly fell in love with it about 14 years ago. 


Jean: When did you start making furniture and what inspired it? Is this a full-time gig or just something you do for fun?

John: I believe 10 years now; I had a pile of broken boards and with some friends in my room we made the first chair. I had to rebuild it, but I also wanted more, then saw the potential in making ‘how to’ videos. At first, we considered selling them, but they are pretty expensive because skateboards are so expensive. 


Jean: Where do you get all the boards and trucks from?

John: A long time of saving, asking anyone who breaks or changes their old boards, and I’ve bought a lot used from skate shops. 


Jean: What different types of furniture do you make from skateboards?

John: I mostly do chairs and tables, but I always try to make them unique and have some new features, like a spinning table, glass table, an assembling table; There’s rocking chairs, reclining chairs and rolling chairs. I also have some fun things like a skateboard pumpkin. 

Jean: Do you have a piece of furniture that you are most proud of?

John: That's definitely a hard one haha, probably the reclining chair I just made because I never made one before, and it’s definitely the most advanced build so far. But I had the vision and it ended up working really well. 


Jean: Do you have any furniture that you are working on creating? Something new perhaps?

John: Always, I’ve got so many ideas coming, and none are the same! Currently working on the first fully painted skate chair with a professional skateboard artist (LM grip art).


Jean: So, I see that you live in New York. What are some of your favorite things to do there?

John: Going to the city, even if it’s just for a cruise at night with some people, it’s always a good time. 


Jean: What other hobbies do you have?

John: I hike with my dogs almost every day, it keeps me active, healthy, and the pups happy. 


Jean: Who are some role models or mentors that you have in your life? (celebs, friends, etc.)

John: My uncle Mark inspired and helped me build a lot when I was a kid, way before I was into skating, and is probably the main reason I can do what I do today. 


Jean: Do you smoke cigars at all?

John: Well, yes and no. I’ve rolled plenty of 420 cigars but have surprisingly never tried one on its own 


Jean: To each their own! Haha. Well, we certainly thought your creations were unique and interesting. I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to chat with us.

John: That's very kind of you. I put a lot of time into making them and thinking about new projects, so I really appreciate the opportunity to share. 


If you want a chance to win one of Skate Chair’s unique skateboard shelves, check out our social media contest!


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