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This month on Cigar World enter to win a customized Cigar World Yeti Colster. 

In order for your chance to win. Post a review in the lounge. Tell us what you're smoking and leave a review. 

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    Detroit Dale

    (33 hours ago)

    Just smoked CAO Bones. Nice oily dark wrapper and bold tastes of hay, black pepper and earth.

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    (8 days ago)

    LA Gloria Cubana series r delicious

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    (17 days ago)

    Smoking a la gloria cubana #6 natural. My daily smoke full bodied wakes up my palete!

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    (19 days ago)

    Just finished a village select and once again thoroughly enjoyed it. Will miss this smoke as it is being discontinued

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    (21 days ago)

    Im not smoking anything yet but am sure to order some fine cigars soon. Suggestions?