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2020 Top Cigars for Beginners

If you're just getting into cigars, you're in the cat-bird seat! You've got a massive world of blends to try. In this video I'll take you through some blends, wrappers,...

Weekly Top 5 cigars

1. Tierra Volcan by Mombacho cigars

2. Espinosa Habano Lancero

3. Quick Draw by southern draw

4. Buffalo Ten by El Artista

5. Trinidad Espiritu
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Chat, Cigar review, gear review and fun!

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My Cigar Pack - JUNE 2020 - Should I Smoke This


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Packages piling up at Cigar Snob HQ so it's MAILTIME!! It's been a rough week for our country, we hope these videos bring a little laughter into your day. Thanks...

LeeMack912 Says Thank You | (S06 E88)

LeeMack912 Says Thank You | (S06 E88)

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RonRealTV | LeeMack912 | Porch Talk | (S06 E88)

RonRealTV | LeeMack912 | Porch Talk | (S06 E88). LeeMack912 & RonRealTV will sit on the porch and chat about whatever. Join us Saturday June 13,...
I have to answer the ONE question I'm always asking other cigar makers - what set's your brand apart from all the other brands on the market? It's an important...

The Cigar Culture | The Burn Down Podcast | Episode 47

When we're talking cigar culture there's no better person then Adrian THE Cigar Culture! This time around we discuss the most influential person he's met in the cigar community, he's...

Prime Time Episode 142: Erik Espinosa, Espinosa Cigars

Erik Espinosa, founder and President of Espinosa Cigars is our special guest for Prime Time Episode 142.

While we have had Erik on several times at La Zona Palooza, we... (May 2020) - Should I Smoke This

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Aging Room Cigars Buying Guide

As we continue in our Buying Guide Series, today, we are going to take a look at some of our favorite cigars from Aging Room. IT is hard for a...

Privada Cigar Club June Box Reveal

PRIVADA CIGAR CLUB BOX. Be sure to visit

Boutique Cigars You Should be Smoking!


15802 N Cave Creek PHX AZ 85032

M-SAT 11-7pm






Virtual Herf: Sebastian Decoppet from Cavalier Cigars

On the next episode of our Virtual Herf series, we have Sebastian Decoppet founder of Cavalier Cigars. Cavalier Cigars is a swiss based company that moved to the States...

Top 5 Maduro Cigars

Check out Nick's Top 5 Maduro Cigars. Maduro is Spanish for “ripe” and the flavors in a Maduro wrapper shade offer just that. We are going to go over the...

Amendola Cigars, Impromptu Night Live

Welcome to Impromptu Night Live presented by Corona Cigar!

You can check out Corona Cigar at

Our Cigar Vodcast comes to you live from the Drew Estate Experience Acid Studios...
Welcome to the I'd Tap That Cigar Show by Cigar prop.

Our Cigar Podcast comes to you live from the Drew Estate Experience Acid Studios here on the sunny...

Box Opening June 2002 | LeeMack912 (S06 E86)

Box Opening June 2002 | LeeMack912 (S06 E86). LeeMack912 Mail call. Stop by as we open a few packages

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My Cigar Pack | May 2020 Full

I unbox and review the May 2020 Full Subscription of My Cigar Pack. Check out my full review and much more at:

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CI Nation LIVE with Steve Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

Today's CI Nation LIVE features the master, Steve Saka, CEO of Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust, the company responsible for industry favorites like Mi Querida, Sobremesa, Todos Los Dias and others!
What time is it? It's MAILTIME!!! Bunch of new packages at Cigar Snob HQ so here it is. Thank you to everyone who sent in packages; Altadis USA, Artesano del...

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