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SPACE: Cool Events, Pics, Astronomy, etc Edited

Back in CW2.0 we used to have a thread for all kinds of cool space related things - events, launches, theories, pics, telescopes and other related discussions.

I’m hoping to revive that thread here in CW3.0 because we used to have several of us actively interested.

However, because of how CW3.0 is currently structured, anyone interested in staying connected to this long-term will need to:

1) Like this post,

2) save this post in your browser as a Favorite, &/or add a shortcut to this post to your main desktop / phone screen,

3) and then add your comment or reply to this post.

#1&3 will ultimately improve the search-ability of this post later. And #2 will make it easier for YOU to jump right to this post later if you want to add a new cool thing!

Here’s hoping!!

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    (19 months ago)

    I was wondering the other day, that if one were smoking a cigar in microgravity (such as on the International Space Station), and were very careful, if one might end up with an ash as long as the cigar.

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    (2 years ago)

    “There will be a lunar eclipse on no other than the night of America's birthday. As we reach mid-July, Saturn and Jupiter will radiate in the night sky as their orbits bring them the closest they’ll be to Earth all year. Finally, July will close with not one meteor shower, but two… happening at the same time!”

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    (2 years ago)

    I believe NASA is still posting to its very long running Astronomy Picture of the Day. Here’s the link (

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    (2 years ago)

    So, to get this started...

    Theoretical Physicists are now considering that perhaps that got cause & effect backwards... and that curves & warps in spacetime may cause gravity (& not the other way around).

    Current theory is demonstrated with a heavy ball sitting on a springy stretchy sheet. The ball represent a heavy gravity object like the Earth or a star, & the sheet represents spacetime. The gravity ball weighs down & stretches the sheet “downward” in that mental image, trying to show how gravity warps spacetime around it.

    But never answered adequately is how the gravity ball came to be in the first place.

    These new ideas say spacetime itself has imperfections, like weaknesses or dips that could encourage physical matter to collect there... setting up a loop - more matter => larger spacetime warps => more matter...

    Imagining these imperfections could also exist as waves may also explain strings (ie, String Theory) and even clustering of multiple galaxies along “lines” called Super Clusters.

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      (2 years ago)

      This idea initially started \~2015, as theoretical physicists started dancing at the edges of both quantum physics & standard physics. They formed an org called “It from Qubit” & in 2016, at one of their 1st meetings, they expected less than 100 people around the world might be interested. Instead, hundreds applied to attend, resulting in 200 at the Ontario site plus hundreds more across 5 simultaneously broadcast satellite sites.