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Suggestions For The "Top"

I added this as a comment on another post, but I don't feel that it will ever been seen by those at the top of this site. So, I'll make a (revised) list here...OTHERS, please comment on these and add your own suggestions and thoughts:

Some initial thoughts and/or forum suggestions:

1) Consider adding a webmaster group (or something similar to the old: "Chat With GCC" area, where we can add questions and suggestions, such as what I'm writing). I realize there is an @contact to the left...but a group would allow for open discussion.

2) Consider adding the option to be able to direct a message, or "tag a friend" such as: @jamoose

3) Please add the ability to post photos (not just a GIF) in post/thread comments. I was about to write up a post (several, in fact) requesting photos from others...until I looked and realized that we do not have that option. Without that ability, we are quiet limited. This is important!

4) Consider adding the ability to "Like" actual comments, not just the initial post.

5) Consider the "participation level", legacy status or some indicator of post count, time on the forum, etc. to our avatar.

6) Consider introducing all of the team moderators, etc. Also, add a "mod" to their avatar for us to see...and to know who runs this place.

7) We need to be able to search users, post titles, key words, etc. so that we can easily find what we're looking for. Example: once this forum gets really busy, it may be difficult to find "last years" Secret Easter review the rules, etc.

8) We should be able to see our list of "friends", as in who we we can manage and find each other here.

9) Add the parameters for uploading photos (actual size max and file size, etc.) Example: I kept trying to get this to post and found it would only stall. I am assuming that is because of file size.

I understand this site is fresh, so I thank you and whatever team is behind it...for all that you do!


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    (3 years ago)

    Good points so far thanks for starting this Quo and thanks for listening Moose.

    1. I'm not sure what following another member is supposed to do. I would kind of expect that I see their activity in my Feed but that doesn't seem to be happening.

    2. Today I saw a notice in my feed that one of my comments had been commented on. Is this something new in response to our comments or just something I never noticed before? Some kind of feedback of what you are working on and what is new would be nice. You have an experienced and helpful group of users here (even though we are all new). Use us!

    3. I noticed that you can go back and edit a post but not a comment. I am someone who reads after posting and often need to correct spelling, grammar, etc. The edit feature would be much appreciated.

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      (3 years ago)

      After playing around on the site a bit more I see that selecting FEED displays posts in all the Groups in time posted order.

      Selecting GROUPS dispays recent activity, including comments, in the Groups you are subscribed to.

      I don't see a way to list all of the available groups?

      I would suggest changing the GROUPS link to MY GROUPS to reflect what it actually does and adding a GROUPS link that displays all the available groups.

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      (3 years ago)

      I also spent some time on the site from my phone. Based on this it would be nice to have the option to emphasise the text over the graphics. In other devoting more space devoted to the text and displaying thumbnails of the pictues. All the graphics kind of get in the way of reading the messages, especially on a mobile device.

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    (3 years ago)

    Good list Quo!! Thanks!!

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    (3 years ago)


    - Please consider allowing comments to bump posts back to the top. As this place grows, it is getting difficult to see posts made several days ago yet we desire them to stay current (i.e.: Secret Easter Bunny and A Thread is Never Done...).

    - Please note that when posting comments, and changing part of the text to be shows as normal text, yet with asterisks at the beginning and end of said text.

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    (3 years ago)

    Another suggestion or question: is there a way to see when our posts or comments are commented on, liked, etc.?

    I am having to browse to find where I have other posts and comments, to make sure I am not missing something. Thanks!

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      (3 years ago)

      We are here and listening and watching and participating.

      We have many more plans for the groups and the site as a whole but still need to determine what will come first.

      To answer some questions though...

      For search, you can search the groups. Simply use the global search in the header and in the results you can filter by groups and posts.

      You can see who you follow in your profile, just click your avatar.

      As to seeing notifications, those are in the header and if you want to see specific group related notifications (aka replies to your post or comments) they are on the home page groups so just click the 'groups' link in the header and they will be on the middle of the page.

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      (3 years ago)

      Moose...thank you...for your reply and working so hard to get us all "fixed up"! I realize its a work in progress ATM and I believe we all look forward to things progressing over time.

      Also, thank you for the response to some of my suggestions/questions. That was helpful! I'm still learning, too!

      Again, thank you!