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RP- ITC Super Fuerte Maduro- Toro Edited

The Rocky Patel ITC Super Fuerte Toro is an absolute GEM! Appearance- spongy, and a little unevenly rolled, RUSTIC, oily dark brown wrapper, veiny, some imperfections, visible seams, and an adequate cap. Using a punch cut- draw was perfect, with just enough for nice resistance. Light up- good smoke output, medium flavors right away, consisting of sweet tobacco, cedar, cocoa, and black pepper. Second third ramping up toward medium full, with a long finish fully coating the mouth. Tasting notes of cocoa, coffee, molasses, dates(or dark fruit), spice and peppery on the retro-hale. FINAL THIRD- FULL bodied and continually adequate smoke output while burning fairly even, without overheating. FINAL THIRD- WOW this cigar really comes ALIVE! Flavor and transitions are full and bouncing back and forth with real complexity! Tastes of sweet cherry(stone fruit), sweet orange citrus, cocoa, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, dry earth, cedar, nuts, lightly peppery and full bodied! Rarely do I get to smoke a stick at this price with this many full flavors, and pronounced transitions. Balanced(yet full), strength, sweetness all over the spectrum with the complimentary spice accompaniment that this cigar has very clearly accomplished. Every puff was a fun guessing game in that final third, and there were many incredible surprises. This is a flavor bomb and I am very happy with my box purchase, to say the least. I find myself looking forward to the next time I can be enjoying another.

RP- ITC Super Fuerte Maduro Toro- The moment I am finished. For the price, at this time, for myself… I cannot think of another cigar that even comes close to the roller-coaster of pure enjoyment!

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    (17 months ago)

    Straight cut for me looking to pick up a V cutter before long.