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Quality Alone Time

It seems Wednesday afternoons are great for a small fire and a big cigar in the Pacific Northwest also. I am just having coffee though. Black coffee compliments all my cigars.

Today I am enjoying am E.P.Carrillo INCH Nicaragua 6 1/4x64. This will take me a while to smoke. There is nobody home. I have nothing to do but smoke. Best day in many Moons.

This is such a smooth cigar. Big. Bold still not quite fully Full I would call it medium to full.

I am exploring cigars $250-$350 a box of I can find good deals. I go to my Tobacconist for new cigars to explore. Then look for a box at a reasonable rate my next exploration will take me into Oscuro land.

If you are ever in Seattle, F.K. Kirsten is the place to go. Paul will hook you up. He took me from Noob to an Enthusiast in one visit.

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    (4 months ago)

    I just picked some of these up. Love them.