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How Find/See Which Members Are Following Which Groups? Edited

Is there a way to see how many & whom are following a given Group? Specifically, I’m wondering which Groups have the most eyes on, & who they are.

Related, how can we see new members as they join, so I can connect with them right away?

Unrelated - I just noticed that some of my Notifications are noted as “group post”s. What is the difference between a post & a group post?

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    (3 years ago)

    Currently, you can only see a sub set of groups that a person is a member of when viewing their profile. You can also see a subset of what they follow.

    We are trying to respect peoples privacy on the site on not just expose everything from everyone on the site. As users create content on the site in your groups or in Cigar Reviews, you can then follow members that you like and then their content will show in your feed. An example of this could be - say I don't necessarily want to have everything from 'The Lounge' group in my feed so I don't join that group, but I want to know when you post things, I could then follow your profile. An analogy of this is like following someone on twitter versus creating a list or following a hash tag.

    As to notifications you can only 'post' in groups so a post/group post is the exact same thing. You can check in 'Now Smoking' or add a Cigar Review but those are not posts.

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      (3 years ago)

      I just realized that “Now Smoking” isn’t in “Today’s Cigars” - I assumed it would be since they’re basically the same thing. Except the former allows a review/rating, too.


      Would be cool if “Now Smoking” could be a subset of “Today’s Smokes”. So you post to the latter, but could opt to add a review/rating too if you want.