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Cigar Cut

So it always seems that the way you cut your cigar is some type of indication as to how long you've been smoking. Punch - rookie, V cut - noob, Guillotine - better than the rest. Well in my experience it has nothing to do with your level of experience but it's all about how you like it. I myself use a V cut more often than not. I know exactly how to use all 3 cuts. Sometimes I may even do a double V cut. See pic below. All 3 give a cigar the same flavor, but give more smoke coming through during each puff but each cut gives you less intake. Meaning the more you open the cap and how big the guage is, you tend to puff harder to get that right amount of smoke. V cut to me is right there in the middle giving the right amount of resistance and the right amount of flavor. But once again this is just my opinion. Do you buddy, it's the only way we can all enjoy a cigar.

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    (16 months ago)

    I'm a V cut fan. Though guillotine & punch cuts work just fine.