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testing lab...

got selected and its been 6 days since email and no cigar.

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    (3 years ago)

    @**Wubs21 - We are looking into the tracking data to see what happened. USPS requires a signature for these packages; it may be stuck at the post office. Stay tuned. Worst case, we get something new rushed out to you next week. **

    Side note, what do you think of the Obi Wan teaser (see screen grab from your post)...

    star wars GIF#MadProps

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      (3 years ago)

      lol...yeah doing disney plus day there. wish it would have had more star wars, but kenobi looks great! back to business the cigar showed up today 11/13. will get it reviewed as soon as possible, i.e. no snow storm blowing in. many thanks and looking forward to it. Its been a bit since I had a partagas.