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Thanks to the testing group I had the opportunity to try it.

Nice coffee creme color with visible veins but smooth surface. Good construction, not too tight. The strong smell of hay. I used V cuter and has made the cap fall off :/.

First 1/3

Creme note almost sweet but pepper kick in the back of the throat. The good smoke amount and nice smell on foot as well.

A good strong flow of smoke. The cream note is intensifying, the top of the cigar almost feels sweet. The flavor is still on the low spectrum. Feeling like of morning cappuccino. Burns perfectly.


The flavor is still on a low spectrum but constant. Nuts and a small hint of pepper. Still, smooth creamy coffee taste is major in flavor palettes.

Burns perfectly. I needed to relight ones but lucky no cherry top developed.

Last 3rd

Burn consisted, mathematically precise. Consistent palet. Mellow-Medium flavor.

Perfect for morning coffee. I will recommend it.

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    Thanks for the review!