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Cortado testing Lab

I've smoked a few Partagas in my time. Being selected again to test has been pretty awesome but let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Overall appearance is a caramel color stick with minimal veins. The band is really vibrant with colors of red and gold.

Sniff test was dried hay and earth.

Cold draw was sweet tobacco, hay, earth, and faint

Upon light I immediately got pepper. Holy moly the first impression could possibly turn someone off if they're not a spice type of smoker. Stick with this because it tones down a bit. Trust me. The draw is just right. Not tight or too lose. After the 1st inch, you quickly see the pepper tones down and the earth and woods come out in a creamy manner making the cigar enjoyable.

Moving into the 2nd third the tones hang in there but truly start to balance out even more with the woods coming forward a little. The creamy texture of the smoke that you got in the 1st third goes from a medium full into a medium strength that takes the palate on a journey. Nice bellows of smoke and a fairly crisp burn is here.

The final third the pepper starts to pick up but still have a creamy experience hanging in there. Within a few minutes of the third the earth gets a rebirth that compliments the pepper pretty well. I smoked this down to the last inch because it was such a good smoke.

Overall I'll give this stick a solid 88. I had to touch it up a few times but that doesn't bother. Would I go out and buy this, probably not because I'm not a spicy type of smoker. The price point is reasonable at $7

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    Hi, great review! Thanks for posting...