Crafting a fine cigar requires skill and patience. However, some processes –– like tercio aging tobacco –– are so time-consuming and complex that few cigar manufacturers use them anymore. 

What is tercio aging?

Tercio aging is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. It involves storing bales of carefully arranged tobacco leaves into “tercios,” or large capsules made from the bark of a palm tree. Palm-bark tercios are unique in that they act to lock in natural oils and sweetness from tobacco leaves that would otherwise be lost during the aging process.

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How long is tercio aged for?

Tobacco stored in tercios is typically aged for over a year. During that time, cigar artisans meticulously check the heat and humidity of the storage area to ensure the tercio's integrity. Tobaccos aged in tercios possess a remarkable richness and aroma that is difficult –– if not impossible –– to replicate. Still, tercio aging is time-consuming and requires a high level of skill. As a result, only a few cigars are made with tercio-aged tobacco. 

One such cigar was the limited-edition Macanudo Inspirado Palladium. While Palladium has been retired, for the time being, Macanudo will be releasing a new, tercio-aged cigar in 2023. 

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