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Macanudo Inspirado Palladium

Macanudo Inspirado Palladium is a complex five-country blend that harnesses the time-honored tercio aging technique to deliver a truly exquisite smoking experience.The tercio process is an old Cuban method rarely used today due to the considerable time and labor required to build the bales and wrap them in the bark of the majestic Royal Palm tree. Only a small group of artisans at Macanudo are skilled in the tercio process which envelopes the tobacco bales in palm bark instead of burlap. The bark forms a tighter seal, trapping in moisture and retaining the tobacco's natural taste characteristics. This unique process also helps to deliver an enhanced flavor, a pleasing aroma and consistent burn. Due to the complexity and considerable time associated with tercio aging Inspirado Palladium has limited availability.


Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

Nuts, Cedar, Pepper, Citrus

Drink Pairings

IPA, Dark Brown Ale

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