Cigars are –– by their very nature –– great conversation pieces. And for nearly as long as there have been cigars, there have been cigar clubs. After all, it’s easy to see the appeal of gathering with like-minded individuals to bond over a mutual love of high-quality smokes. Cigar World is on a mission this year to meet with, get to know, and potentially work with female-cigar groups. To continue our series on the remarkable women of the cigar industry, we’re focusing on a few female cigar clubs that every smoker should have on their radar. These groups are not easy to find, so please let us know about any female cigar groups in your area, so that we can possibly work together.

Broadleaf Broads – Chicago, IL

Our first stop this year was to the windy city of Chicago, IL. We heard through the grapevine that there was a great female cigar group there called the Broadleaf Broads, and we had the pleasure to spend an evening with their founder, Amanda. 

Amanda explained to us how the Broadleaf Broads started with her and another woman who share a love for cigars. They thought it would be fun to get together and have a “ladies night,” so they used Facebook to create an event for a women’s cigar gathering. They both went to the cigar lounge and were pleasantly surprised that eleven other women showed up. Eleven total strangers who shared this fiery passion. The group has grown to over 500 members in less than seven years. They have a monthly cigar night that is usually themed around something fun and lighthearted. These ladies are multitaskers by nature and will usually partner with a cigar rep in the area, a whiskey or other spirits brand, and even provide education on tobacco and other areas of interest for the women at their events. 


In 2017, the Broads made waves by being the first women invited to attend the traditionally men’s only cigar event, Havana Day Dreaming ( which then opened their attendance to all men and women starting in 2018 and moving forward.

Amanda was passionate to explain how women play an important role in the industry, “Women like to spend their money on high quality items and cigars are no different.” Amanda and many of the Broads belong to some exclusive cigar lounges in the Chicago area, and many of the shops/lounges will let the Broads reserve their space for one of their monthly events. 

Amanda also explained her frustrations with the lack of variety in female-friendly items, noting that she gets the same Corkcicle glass and cigar Christmas ornament every year. And if any cigar brands would like to make swag just for women, now would be a great time to start – just don’t make it pink! If you would like to hang with the Broads the next time you are in Chicago or just want to say hello, follow them on IG @broadleafbroads.


SOTL Global Movement

The Sisters of the Leaf (SOTL) Global Movement is a worldwide organization dedicated to advancing women in the cigar industry. Not only do they offer cigar sommelier classes and memberships, but they also have launched an initiative to create women-friendly cigar lounges. They’ve partnered with brands like Arturo Fuente and Perdomo in the past, and they’re also active on social media! Whether you want to get more out of your cigar-smoking experience, find a quality cigar lounge near you, or help promote great women in the cigar industry, the SOTL Global Movement is a fantastic place to start. 

Lashes and Ashes –– Lakeland, Florida

Though Lashes and Ashes is a relatively small group –– its members are more or less restricted to the central Florida region –– its story should inspire ladies of the leaf everywhere! The short version is that a group of women have formed their own smoking group at their favorite cigar lounge (Cigar Life). So if you’re in the area, check them out! (Or, consider taking a page from their book and starting your own club!) You can read their full story here

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