Let’s get one thing straight, flavored infused cigars aren’t just for beginners anymore. Sure, someone new to cigar smoking may find it to be an easier entry into the lifestyle. But, there’s hordes of lifelong cigar smokers that’ll tell you a flavor infused cigar can be just as enjoyable an experience.

If you find yourself drawn to premium cigars that feature sweet tasting notes or if you have a bit of a sweet tooth from time to time then flavored infused cigars should be on your list of things to try. But, with so many new and popular lines in the market it can be tough knowing what cigar to choose. 

That’s why the Cigar World team put together a list of 6 of the highest rated and most talked about flavor infused cigars around. No matter which one you try, we promise, it’ll be sweet.

FLVR Ski Chalet

The latest brand to enter the flavored cigar category is FLVR. FLVR features five unique blends each with their own distinct tasting notes. This includes, Ski Chalet, a hand-rolled cigar bundled in salty-caramel goodness.

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Tabak Especial Negra

Infusing Esteli filler tobacco with Nicaragua’s finest coffee beans, Tabak Especial Negra rich smoking experience with savory espresso notes, a touch of chocolate and a smooth, sweet aftertaste.

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ACID Krush Blue Connecticut

Featuring identical tobaccos to the standard ACID Blue, these 4x32 cigars are packaged in 10-count tins and are perfect for anyone that wants a smooth, creamy infused experience that’s perfect for on-the-go.

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Macanudo M Coffee

The brand's first flavor infused cigar, Macanudo M Coffee is sophisticated, nuanced and features delicious, sweet notes of cedar, spice and gourmet coffee for a cigar that smokes like a café con leche.

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CAO Flavours Bella Vanilla

Featuring the finest vanilla bean extract from Madagascar, CAO Flavours Bella Vanilla combines Dominican and Cameroon tobaccos with vanila for a rich cigar smoking experience that’s surprisingly exceptional.

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Nub By Olivia Double Roast

Rich and mellow to medium bodied, Double Roast Nub merges sumptuous Sumatra and Dominican tobaccos with the creamy, smooth flavors of milk chocolate and coffee. 

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Do you smoke flavor infused cigars? Let us know!

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In all seriousness, a vanilla cigar is any cigar with flavor notes reminiscent of vanilla. Think creamy, smooth and mellow. We’re going to drop some of our favorite cigars with vanilla notes at the bottom, but first, let’s break down what exactly constitutes a vanilla cigar.

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  • Member Avatar
    (17 months ago)

    I’ve tried the M by Macanudo and I loved it! Nice coffee taste a great cigar if you like coffee infused. But my go to is anything out of the tabak line. Hands down best for coffee infused and the maduro brings out the flavors even more. Acids are acids well known, great smoke, I always have a few in my humidor jar. Next I would like to try NUBs infused. Looking forward to those for sure.

  • Member Avatar
    (17 months ago)

    While I enjoy the CAO Flavours Bella Vanilla, I strongly believe the CAO Flavours Moontrance has a more interesting, complex, and satisfying flavor profile.