From matches to butane, there are many ways to spark life’s pleasures. We’re not here to tell you how to smoke your cigar; we’re just here to elevate the experience.

While the torch lighter is a popular and innovative way to light up a cigar, its benefits may not be as well-known. The torch’s concentrated high heat allows users to have more control over the burn, resulting in fewer puffs before a smooth smoke. 

Durable, convenient, and reliable, the torch lighter should be in every cigar connoisseur’s bag. We’ve already given you a list of our favorites, but now we’re here to break down how to use it to get the optimal burn. 

Tips For Using a Torch Lighter

Step One

Select your lighter. While each method has its pros and cons, for the most efficient and controlled burn in any situation, the torch is the way to go. Next, you’ll want to purge your lighter. If you’ve never used your lighter before or it’s been a while since your last smoke, light it off for a few seconds. This gets rid of any residual gas and leaves the taste of your cigar untainted.

Step Two

Evaluate the flame. Torch lighters are no joke — because they produce highly concentrated heat, it’s important to adjust your flame to your smoking needs. For a nice and even burn, aim for a short, medium-sized flame. 

Step Three

Get toasty. Using the perfectly compact flame, slowly begin toasting the foot of your cigar for five to ten seconds. Next, place the cigar in your mouth and bring the flame closer to the foot and begin puffing while rotating the cigar. Remember not to inhale!

Step Four

Control the flame. The compact flame allows for even burning and control, so you can go from toasting to burning to puffing in no time.  Be sure to check on the progress of the burn to make sure it is lighting evenly. If one side is lagging, re-light to get a symmetrical glowing ring at the foot of the cigar. With the strong consistent flame, you won’t have to worry about the weather affecting your experience — the torch lighter has you covered rain or shine! 

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