We all know the importance of a good humidor. Cigars are delicate creatures. If you don’t keep them properly humidified, they’ll smoke hot, crack and then there’s nothing to do but to put them out of their misery in your ashtray.

But if you’re looking to buy a humidor--especially your first one--how do you pick the right one?

Well, start by asking yourself these three questions. They’ll save you time and money--as well as your cigars.

What will you use it for?

You should match the type of humidor you buy with what you want it to accomplish. If you want to keep a few cigars safe and fresh on your next vacation, then a travel humidor is your solution.

If you simply want to store and age your cigars, then a tabletop or cabinet humidor will do the trick.

If you have thousands of luxury cigars to take care of, then go for a swanky walk-in humidor...and invite the rest of us over some time.

How many cigars are you storing?

Next, determine how many cigars you’ll be storing in your humidor--then go bigger. When discussing how to buy a humidor, some say you should buy one that has room for 10-20% more cigars than you’ll be storing initially.

Others say 50%. And yet others say 100% more. Whatever percentage you believe, there’s no denying that too big is better than too small. Give your passion for cigars some room to grow.

How’s the humidor seal?

A quality humidor closes tightly and securely, which you can test in several ways. Open the humidor, then close it. Does it make a whooshing or puffing noise? A good humidor will. You can also try the dollar bill test. Put a dollar bill at the front of the box, then close it. If you can pull the bill out easily, then it’s time to take your money elsewhere.

Have more questions about how to buy a humidor? Leave us a comment below. Wondering where to buy a humidor?

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