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Partagás wrappers are still grown in Cameroon, where the hot, foggy, sub-tropical African climate is ideal for cultivating full-flavored leaves that cannot be produced in any other part of the world. Renowned for their model construction and signature taste, Partagás cigars are enticingly flavored, with rich, spicy notes for a profound, deeply structured smoking experience. It is no wonder that Partagás cigars are preferred by influential cigar enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in taste and craftsmanship.


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Tasting Notes

Sweet, Cedar, Earth

Drink Pairings

Tequila, Cognac

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Smoked at: Bristol Tennessee

December 05, 2021 by BAKERJAMES1965JAMES@AOL.COM Rating 5

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Smoked at: Alabama

December 02, 2021 by Rating 4

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