Louis is our featured Top Shop Dog this month. Louis is a Blue French Bulldog and so beloved that Hunter Marosits, the shop owner, named the shop, Sir Louis Cigars after this doggo. When exploring Sir Louis Cigars in Wilbraham, MA you will not only see Louis adorable face as the store’s logo, but merch
and even cigars with his mug present. (Check out the Red Rocket and Pink Pencil cigars!)

Louis is five years young and has been with Sir Louis since the very beginning in 2019, as a puppy. He loves eating, playing with balls, and is obsessed with people’s feet. He has a sister Blucci (she is actually his cousin) that he loves to wrestle with, play tug of war and take turns showcasing their dominance. IYKYK...

louis the cigar dog

If you want to please this pup, his favorite treats include cheese, fruits, and vegetables. While very spoiled with many different toys, Louis loves to play ball in the yard or inside the shop.

Louis’ hobbies are napping, snoring, and releasing that doggy gas he has built up from all of the cheese eating! Louis summers in Nantucket with his family and loves to walk around town, go to the beach and out for a bite.


louis the cigar dog 2

You can meet Louis by stopping by Sir Louis Cigars at 2345 Boston Rd. Wilbraham, MA 01095 or give them a follow on IG @sirlouiscigars_com


Sir Louis Cigars

2345 Boston Rd. Wilbraham, MA 01095

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