Cigar World’s best cigar shops across the U.S. - Part III

Two weeks ago, we started delving into Cigar World’s “best of” cigar shop list around the U.S. The first week, there were the west coast cigar shops. We covered five of the best places to buy cigars from California to Nevada and from Washington all the way down to Arizona. If you’re looking to read them, you can here. Then last week, the best cigar shops in the northern states. If you haven't read that blog, you can here.

This week, we’re excited to bring you the next part of our favorite cigar shops across the U.S. So, without further adieu, get our favorite (Yelp & Google’s favorite too) places to buy cigars on the east coast.

Best cigar shops on the east coast

When I think of the east coast, my mind immediately goes to the hustle and bustle of the big city. Locals and tourists making their way through people-packed streets, all just trying to make it through the day. Well, if you prefer your cigar shops to be full of no-nonsense attitudes and amazingly unique accents, then the east coast may be your number one spot to enjoy cigars. So, no matter if you're traveling through New York or Maryland on vacation or if you’re a Massachusetts or Pennsylvania local, we’ve compiled the biggest and best cigar shops for you to buy and enjoy cigars on the east coast.

Best cigar shop for the atmosphere:

The Carnegie Club, NYC. I mean, what can you say about the Carnegie Club other than it’s one of the most entertaining cigar shops in the whole U.S. to enjoy a fine cigar, pair it with a single malt scotch, and listen to live music in the heart of New York City. If you’re not familiar with Carnegie, it’s conveniently located just a few steps from Carnegie Hall, Central Park, and Times Square. It’s a magnificent space that’s both grand and intimate, and while the cigar selection will offer you premium brands like Davidoff, Montecristo, and Macanudo, it’s the cigar shop’s atmosphere that truly makes Carnegie stand out. It’s classic and sophisticated, with hand-carved 18th century bookcases filled with leather-bound titles. But, the biggest draw is the Sinatra Show featuring Steven Maglio and the Stan Rubin 11-Piece Orchestra. If you’re looking for a cigar shop that’s going to absolutely leave you dazzled like the lights of Broadway, Carnegie cigar shop has been dazzling cigar enthusiasts for over two decades.

Best cigar shop for the deals:

Holt’s Cigar Company, Philly. Established in 1898, Holt’s Cigar Company has been one of the premier cigar shops in Philadelphia selling the finest premium cigars to generations of cigar enthusiasts. If you’ve ever purchased cigars online, there’s a fair chance you’ve purchased them from Holt’s. Well, if you’re ever visiting Philly or if you’re a Philadelphia local, and you’re looking for incredible deals from a cigar shop, don’t miss out on Holt’s. Their selection of premium cigars and accessories is extensive and nothing short of world-class. The cigar shop doesn’t really boast a humidor, no no, the whole shop is essentially a walk-in humi. But, it’s not the gigantic selection that stuck with me, although it is impressive, it’s their prices. Low, low, low. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on Holt’s cigar shop.

Best cigar shop for the drinks:

Stanza Dei Sigari, Boston. If your quintessential cigar shop involves enjoying an incredible beverage with your cigar, then please please please don’t miss out on Stanza Dei Sigari. Once a 1920’s speakeasy, Stanza is now, without a doubt, Boston's ultimate cigar shop. The second you step inside, you’re immediately hit with an electricity that’s still alive with all the mystery and glamour of its original underground setting. Beneath the historic streets of Boston’s North End, you can indulge in the city’s most exclusive collection of premium cigars, cognacs, ports, bourbons, single malt scotches, rums and martinis. And, these magnificent bartenders will take the time with you to carefully select the perfect drink that will enhance your cigar drink after drink and draw after draw.

Best cigar shop for the selection:

Davidus Cigars, Baltimore. If you’re on the east coast and are looking for one of the biggest and best cigar selections in a cigar shop, then don’t pass up Davidus Cigars in Baltimore. The second you step inside, you’re met with the beautiful exposed brick walls, but your gaze will be quickly directed to the incredibly vast multitudes of premium hand rolled cigars. Honestly, you can find anything you want from Ashton to Zino within Davidus’ walls. And, after you find that perfect cigar, you'll be able to enjoy it while ordering some food or drinks at the beer garden right outside. So, next time you’re in Baltimore, or if you’re a local looking for something cigar-centric to do, head over to Davidus, you won’t regret it.

Comment with your favorite cigar shop from the east coast!

We hope you enjoyed the list of our best cigar shops and the best places to buy cigars from on the east coast. There’s literally hundreds if not thousands of great cigar shops that we had to leave off the list (for now). So, if you’ve got an east coast cigar shop that you love, let us know in the comments!Stay tuned next week for the best cigar shops or places to buy cigars in the midwest!

Stay tuned next week for the best cigar shops or places to buy cigars in the midwest!

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  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    For me the best cigar shop is the Cigar International locations in Hamberg and Allentown PA. I travel overnight often and I always check out the cigar bars for a nightcap and smoke. CI has great prices and the best selection of cigars in the entire state. Grab a glass of wild turkey, a CAO Flathead, and relax in one of the different seating locations both inside and out, or upstairs in the loft or on the porches overlooking the mountains. Or shoot a game of pool or play darts, it’s all there. I love visiting the smaller mom and pop stores for an evening, but if I want the best price and selection I head to Hamberg.

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    Ive always been a fan of Cigar International, specifically their Hamburg PA location. Regardless every location ive been to have some awesome staff eager to talk cigars. They always have recommendations either based on your likes or something completely new. Theyve never once let me down

  • Member Avatar
    (11 months ago)

    You all have to check out Flor De America Cigars! It isnt just a shop, but a cigar factory and its in statesville, NC. Their maduro is my favorite and every day smoke, but they have a full lines of habano and Connecticut as well ranging from lancers at 38*7 and coradita 44*4 up to the magnum, i think its a 60 ring. It isnt big, but they are great and good friends of mine.