Every successful cigar company has a story to tell –– something that makes it unique and stand out from the crowd. However, some cigar brands are “more unique” than others. Enter Room101 Cigars. While you may have heard of Room101 (or smoked a Room101 cigar) before, you may not know the entire mythology behind the brand. Today, though, we’ll fill in those gaps and give you a complete picture of the Room101 Cigar story.

What is Room101?

Room101 is a brand umbrella that includes many products, including jewelry, leather goods, craft gin, and –– of course –– cigars. In 2009, Matt Booth founded Room101 Cigars, and the brand experienced reincarnation of sorts in 2017. Booth, a marine and cigar enthusiast, was inspired to launch Room101 Cigars to honor the history of cigar making while “applying a progressive approach to both blending and product design.” 

Indeed, Booth often uses his vast experience as a world traveler to create innovative and exciting cigars. In 2022, Scandinavian Tobacco Group acquired Room101 Cigars. In addition to overseeing Room101, Booth has also contributed to the re-launches of the Sancho Panza and Los Statos Deluxe brands. 

What Are Room101 Cigars Like?

The only way to describe the Room101 Cigars lineup is as “diverse.” Room101 Cigars boast a wide variety of products, from Connecticut Shades to dark and flavorful Maduros. Booth and Co. also source tobacco from across Latin America –– from Nicaragua to Ecuador, to Honduras, and the Dominican. So the good news for cigar smokers is that Room101 has plenty of options, regardless of your personal taste. The two things that remain consistent with Room101 cigars are 1) the bold and distinctive packaging and 2) the quality of the cigars. 

The cigars have made such an impression on the community that a fan group dubbed the “Shadow Army” has formed to follow all the brand’s events and releases. Not only do they share Booth’s passion for fine cigars, but they also do a pretty good job of imitating his unique style on social media. 

Which Room101 Cigars Should I Try? 

The short answer is “all of them,” but if you don’t have the time or resources to track down about a dozen-plus cigars, then be sure to check out at least these Room101 smokes when you get the chance:

  • Doomsayer. Cloaked with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Doomsayer is a spicy, bold cigar that still delivers a smooth and refined finish. A fantastic introduction to the brand.
  • 13th Anniversary. Not every brand would put out a cigar commemorating its 13th anniversary, but Room101 Cigars is not your average brand. And this isn’t your average cigar, either! This limited-edition Nicaraguan Puro received a 90 rating from halfwheel –– so pick one up a box if you can find one. 
  • The Big Payback Maduro. Big on flavor but never overpowering, the Big Payback Maduro is a dream for those who appreciate a darker cigar. Check it out and experience the creamy, leathery, and cocoa tasting notes for yourself!

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Everyone who knows the cigar industry knows Matt Booth. He is the creative genius behind the Room101 brand, which includes Room101 Gin, Room101 Cigars, and his Room101 DTLA jewelry line. Matt’s aesthetic is Southern California badass with a sexy silliness sprinkled on top. Room101 Cigars are standouts in the humidor. The artwork is unique, compelling, and colorful.

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When you follow Room101 Cigars, Room101 Gin or any other Room101 social accounts, including @itsboofybaby himself, you will see mention of the Shadow Army. What in the hell is the Shadow Army?!

I was able to chat with two members of this illustrious group, and as you can imagine, I am keeping their identities anonymous, so I will just refer to them with their soldier number. Let the absurdity begin…

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    Room 101 stuff is amazing

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    Been a fan of Matt Booth for years. Breaks my heart that he has become the latest "sellout", like the Rubin family.