What in the hell is the Shadow Army?

When you follow Room101 Cigars, Room101 Gin or any other Room101 social accounts, including @itsboofybaby himself, you will see mention of the Shadow Army. What in the hell is the Shadow Army?!

I was able to chat with two members of this illustrious group, and as you can imagine, I am keeping their identities anonymous, so I will just refer to them with their soldier number. Let the absurdity begin…

Jean: Tell me about the Shadow Army. When did it start? What prompted its establishment? 

Soldier #154: I have no idea when the Shadow Army officially started, I’m sure it came about shortly after Boofy announced and debuted Room101 in 2009. Shadow One (the king of the Shadow Army) is very secretive in his ways.

Soldier Anonymous: Some say the Shadow Army has existed since time immemorial, others date it sometime in the late 90s/early 2000s in the recesses of the mind of a United States Marine. The Sacred Texts are unclear on the exact origins. Regardless, the formation was the culmination of a stirring deep in the proverbial loins, the acknowledgment that there was a dearth of creative passion in several fields. The Shadow Army serves to correct this and spread absurdity.

Jean: Is there an ultimate goal to the Shadow Army?

Soldier #154: To locate the finest Unobtanium cigars to shove into our mouth sockets and achieve euphoria! I think it’s the camaraderie with other soldiers too, when one of us have unobtanium we like to share it with each other so we all can experience the majesty.

Soldiers: A Room101 Cigar in every cigar smoker’s hand, humidor, and brick and mortar location nationwide. Additionally, a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. 

Jean: About how many members strong is the Shadow Army?

Soldier #154: Thousands, if not millions! Every day on IG you see new people posting their Room101 flicks and joining us fellow soldiers.

Soldiers: No one, not even those who comprise the Shadow Army itself, has an exact number of how many we call our own. This is due to the constant expansion and decentralized nature of the organization. This design serves to obfuscate and confuse any who would oppose us while allowing maximum fluidity in our maneuvers. 

Jean: I hear that you all are putting on Shadowfest this year in San Antonio. Want to elaborate on what we can expect from this event?

Soldier #154: While I shall not be going to ShadowFest, I’m sure it is going to be an absolute shit show in the best possible way. You’re going to have soldiers from all over the world (probably country but we like to be dramatic) coming together to share a moment in time and embrace our type of weird. And to smoke the finest dead leaves. 

Soldiers: Now that the Shadow Army has been removed from the 'Do Not Fly' list (to this day we do not know how *R E D A C T E D* got in our bag, they certainly weren't ours), it seemed only right to organize a massive gathering of as many Shadow Soldiers as possible for a celebration of all things Room101. Matt's relationship with Club Humidor in San Antonio goes way back and there is no better place to host such a fine assortment of the crew that is the Shadow Army. We fully expect many shenanigans including but not limited to amazing Room101 Cigars available for purchase, coveted Room101 Unobtanium, exhilarating contests such as best pedicure (judged by our crack team of feet enthusia-experts, we definitely mean experts, like science), and *R E D A C T E D* with or without cream. 

Jean: I see that you support Room101 in all aspects, but I just saw a Los Statos Deluxe post go up on your IG page. Are you all expanding your love outside the Room101 Cigar brand?

Soldier #154: I would follow Boofy to the ends of earth. Room101 and being a Shadow Soldier has changed my life, not just the ciggies but the friends I’ve made along this journey are because of our love for Room101. With that being said I don’t think one should limit themselves to one brand of cigars no matter how amazing they are, you should have a diverse palette for smoking. I generally smoke one plus cigar a day and typically one is Room101 and the other is another one of my favorite brands. 

Soldiers: Indeed! Thank you for noticing. Los Statos Deluxe is one of what we hope to be a growing number of other brands that share similar goals as ours. Only time will tell but we are hopeful that a portfolio may emerge to satiate all desires the Shadow Army may have. This applies to not just tobacco but also Men's accessories/jewelry, and gin.

Jean: What all comes with my enlistment to the Shadow Army? What are the perks outside of belonging to such an interesting group?

Soldier #154: Family. Joining the Shadow Army brings together a group of very diverse people from all walks of life. I’ve met guys from this group I only knew from Instagram. I’ve flown across the country to spend time with and smoke with Chicken and Froman. They’ve become two of my most cherished friends in this world. And have you seen the linens?! These shirts are fire bro, I get so many compliments on the Intergalactic Guadalupe tees from the last drop. 

Soldiers: Immediate boost to credibility on the streets and performance in the sheets, the love and adoration of many powerful and important people, but most importantly - a network of brothers and sisters devoted to similar passions and interests, the largest non-rehab-based support group in the world. 

Jean: Any other comments you want to make?

Soldier #154: This group of soldiers coming together is pretty special, and now we’re gonna be in an article for Cigar World! How fucking cool is that!? The absurdity that lives amongst us is amazing. I don’t think you will find a more passionate group of people committed to one brand of cigar.

Soldiers: When the chips are down, and all seems lost, do not fret. Matt Booth will provide. Forgive those who have doubted, counted him out, or otherwise not paid the respect due. They know not who they are trifling with. Our words, of course, will be marginalized, demonized in typical fashion, that's why we were happy to answer these questions with you Jean, to help set the record straight. We're here for the absurdity, and to have a good time with the finest dead plants rolled into nifty cylinders for our mouth-holes. Shout-out Aldo tha Apache, doing the Lord's work on IG shining a light on the truth, and Tinder Box Haverford for besides selling Room101 Cigars, are consistently posting the most entertaining Shadow Soldier antics in both video and picture form.

Jean: Thank you so much for your time and transparency! The pleasure was all mine!

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