Social media influencers. They set trends, inform the masses, and do it all in style. And in the luxury lifestyle world, and premium cigars in particular, there’s certainly no shortage of accounts to follow.

That’s why the Cigar World team has scoured social media, cut through the clutter, and brought you seven of the coolest, most unique cigar aficionado accounts across social media. Each one not only brings forth an immense knowledge around cigars, and luxury lifestyle items, but they project their own individual flavor to the industry. 

Enjoy the list and let us know your favorite cigar social media influencer in the comments!

#7: @GoEatDrinkSmoke

Twitter Followers: 1.3K

Who doesn’t love a good podcast these days? The guys from the Eat Drink Smoke podcast (Tony Katz and co-host, Fingers Malloy) review new cigars, speak with expert guests in the cigar and alcohol industries, and debate the hottest food topics around. Funny, light-hearted, and educational, this is a can’t-miss for epicureans of all stripes. 

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#6: @seanwilliams_cohiba  Sean Williams

Instagram Followers: 8.9K

Cigars. Cocktails. High fashion. This is just a taste of what you’ll find on Sean Williams’ social accounts. As the brand ambassador for Cohiba and Silencio cigars, Williams is always making appearances at luxury events around the world. However, he’s not just an aficionado of excellent cigars –– he’s an expert blender who understands the nuances that go into making an unforgettable smoke. Plus, he regularly creates content about new Cohiba blends –– so he’s a must-follow for fans of the brand. 

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#5: @maduro.aficionado

TikTok Followers: 38K

This is a great account to follow if you’re new to the cigar game. Here you’ll find a selection of short, easy-to-binge videos that break down the basics of smoking and enjoying cigars. From learning how to cut a cigar properly, to picking out your first humidor, @maduro.aficionado has got you covered. 

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#4: @macanudo_laurel  Laurel Tilley

Instagram Followers: 3.6K

You won’t find a better representative for the growing contingent of women cigar smokers than Laurel Tilley. She’s fun, down-to-earth, and incredibly knowledgeable. She’s also the brand ambassador for Macanudo, which means she’s constantly showing up at awesome events across the country. Give her a follow and catch her when she heads to your town for a smoke session!

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#3: @TheCigarStrategist

Instagram Followers: 216K

Hailing from Italy, but spotted globally, TheCigarStrategist produces some of the cleanest culinary, cigar, and watch content around. If you enjoy sleek timepieces and timeless stogies, then don’t sleep on this account. It has been a little inactive over the last year, but we’re hoping it comes back stronger than ever. 

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#2: @niaamcigar

Instagram Followers: 13.8K

Niaamcigar proves that cigar smoking is definitely not a boy’s club. Not only does she post amazing photos from exotic locales, but she also reviews the hottest cigar releases and pairs them with tasty beverage options. If you like to have fun, this is your kind of account!

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#1: @BestCigarsOfIG

Instagram Followers: 42K

Unlike all the other accounts on this list, BestCigarsOfIG is all user-generated content shared to one account. So, instead of it being one influencer, it’s countless cigar lovers showcasing the best of the #cigarlife. Hell, your cigar photo could even be featured; all you have to do is use the hashtag #cigarlife when you post on IG.

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Honorable Mentions

Just because someone isn’t in the cigar industry directly, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy and post about cigars! Indeed, there are dozens of high-profile individuals who have a known passion for cigars and who are worth a follow on social media. For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger is perhaps the most famous cigar smoker alive today. Danny Devito and Steve Harvey are also noted cigar lovers. 

In the world of sports, Joe Burrow (quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals) has a penchant for lighting up a stogie after a big win, and retired Green Bay Packers linebacker AJ Hawk is a regular cigar smoker and contributor on the popular Pat McAfee Show. 

Lastly, David Ortiz (former Red Sox DH), James Hetfield (lead singer, Metallica), and Guy Fieri (celebrity chef) have all collaborated with cigar companies to create their own smokes in recent years.

Who’s your favorite cigar influencer across social media? Let us know!

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