What is a vanilla cigar?

When talking about vanilla cigars, there’s nothing vanilla about them - cue the Seinfeld bass riff.

In all seriousness, a vanilla cigar is any cigar with flavor notes reminiscent of vanilla. Think creamy, smooth and mellow. We’re going to drop some of our favorite cigars with vanilla notes at the bottom, but first, let’s break down what exactly constitutes a vanilla cigar.

What gives a cigar vanilla tasting notes?

Keep in mind that picking up on vanilla notes just means when you take a puff of your stogie, you are getting hints of a flavor similar to vanilla.

That being said, there are a number of variables that can produce this experience.

Often, these more mellow and creamy cigars have a Connecticut Shade wrapper - like Cohiba Connecticut. But that’s not always the case.

What causes that natural sweetness is less time on the tobacco plant and less exposure to sunlight. We’ve got a Tobacco Curing blog you can check out that goes into more detail. Most often, this is done with Connecticut Shade cigars - you picking up on this? - but any cigar can have vanilla flavor notes it utilizes tobaccos grown to capture that naturally sweet flavor.

When people say a cigar has vanilla tasting notes, what they’re really saying is they notice a creamy natural sweetness in a cigar that is shade grown or picked from lower primings. This flavor is most closely associated with vanilla.

What about vanilla flavored cigars?

Technically there are two types of vanilla tasting notes found in premium cigars.

You have hand rolled cigars that simply feature a hint of vanilla in every puff. Like Cohiba Connecicut or a Montecristo White.

On the flip side, there’s infused cigars like the CAO Bella Vanilla or the ACID Blue by Drew Estate. These infused cigars will produce a literal vanilla taste and smell due to the tobacco being cured with an added vanilla element.

While some aficionados stick their nose up at flavor infused cigars, you should know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying these hand rolled and flavorful stogies. Smoke what you enjoy and don’t let anyone give you grief.

Get some top Cigar World stogies with vanilla tasting notes

Cohiba Connecticut

We’re biased, but this is one of the best mellow cigars we’ve ever smoked, don’t go another day without tasting the creamy smooth vanilla notes in Cohiba Connecticut.
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Macanudo Gold Label 2021

A superpower in the industry and only released once a year, the Macanudo Gold Label delivers an exceptional naturally vanilla-sweet profile from its Capa Especial wrapper.
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Oliva Connecticut Reserve

A silky smooth cigar from the fine folks at Oliva. A shade grown Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper adorns a Nicaraguan bunch.
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Rocky Patel Number 6

An expensive but award-winning cigar with fantastic vanilla notes. The Honduran Corojo wrapper provides a nice twist to the many Connecticut leaves used for others in this list.
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Diesel Uncut d.CT

If you’re looking for major creamy vanilla flavor on a budget, the Diesel Uncut d.CT (ask your tobacconist for Diesel Uncut Connecticut) is the cigar for you.
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Explore the rest of Cigar World’s cigars with vanilla notes

These are just a few of the best cigars with vanilla flavor notes, if you want to check out more, we’ve got you covered. Click the link below to search through the full catalogue of vanilla cigars.

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Now you’re set to stay smooth

You should be ready to stroll into your local cigar shop like Connor McGreggor ready for some vanilla cigars. If you have questions or more recommendations for other Cigar World members, leave them in the comments below!

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