Seasonal beverages come and go. But, if there’s one time period that the Cigar World team gets excited for as cigar smokers, it’s winter. The air is cool, there’s a little more time for relaxation, and of course, winter ales are aplenty. 

That’s why we’ve scoured the web for the best-rated winter ales and paired them with premium cigars that blend perfectly for a winter wonderland of flavors. Enjoy the list and let us know your favorite winter beverages in the comments!

#5: Odell Isolation Ale

Why it’s a must-try: It’s 6% ABV, chalk full of sweet malts and crips hops, and is sure to make any snow day, Holiday or you-day enjoyable. 

Pair With: Punch Knuckle Buster

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#4: Boulevard Nutcracker Ale

About It: Bold, rich and loaded with caramel and vanilla flavors, Nutcracker Ale starts sweet and then shakes you out of your Holiday daze with its hoppy finish.

Pair With: La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli

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#3: Deschutes Jubelale

About It: Perfect for a season of celebration, Jubelale is spicy, malty and has all the hops present, to be well, more than enough of a Holiday present.

Pair With: Macanudo M Coffee 

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#2: Samuel Smith Winter Welcome

About It: Sammies were meant for the winter, and Winter Welcome’s combination of caramel and toffee malts pretty much make you feel like you’re draping yourself in soft, comfy fleece. 

Pair With: Sancho Panza Double Maduro

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#1: pFriem Winter Ale

About It: It’s a winter ale with some weird up in it. Faint floral notes mingle with a bit of bitterness, but the slight Christmas spice at the end brings it all together. 

Pair With: Camacho Triple Maduro

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What’s your favorite cold-weather drink with a cigar? Let us know!

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  • Member Avatar
    (15 months ago)

    Pairing a cigar is all about individual taste. My normal beverages include bourbon, cognac, beer or tea.

  • Member Avatar
    (15 months ago)

    Funny I always find myself reaching for a bourbon or coffee with a cigar… Not sure why I have never really tried a good beer…

    This has inspired me to start making a list of beers with cigars I enjoy now!

  • Member Avatar
    (15 months ago)

    Winter ales are great with cigars. I'm keen on coffee and cigars during the winter.