If you’re reading this and you love cigars, STOP. You’re going to want to copy the URL at the top and send this article to whoever buys you gifts for the holidays.

If you just received a link to this article, welcome to Cigar World. It’s likely that you have a cigar-lover you care deeply about who saw some awesome stuff they want for the holidays. We’ll keep this short and sweet for an easy-shopping process. Let’s dive into the ultimate 2021 holiday gift guide for you or the cigar lover in your life:

For the Golfer

If you love a cigar while you golf, or this sounds like someone you want to buy a gift for, here are three great ideas that will make them smile this holiday season.

  • Xikar Triple Flame Torch*: Out on the course, you can’t be messing around with matches to get your stogie going. Invest in a nice triple-flame torch (or quad if you’ve got the money) so you can light your cigar – even in the wind – and get back to the game. We recommend Xikar here as they are a quality and trusted source in the industry.

    *While you may not need a nice cutter out on the course, we’ll add this Xikar cutter as a great bonus gift for ANY cigar lover out there, even if they don’t golf.

  • Stogies N’ Bogeys Cigar Holder: If you’re looking for a solid product that will change the way any cigar smoker plays the game of golf, this is the gift for you. At only $20, you or the golfer you’re buying for can keep their premium cigar off of the chemical-covered grass in a handy and cool-looking holder. If you’re looking to ball out – pun intended – order a custom batch.

  • Pelican R60 Travel Case: While it’s not technically a travel humidor, the Pelican R60 is a fantastic (and durable) way to stow your stogies on the go. The best part? There’s already a handy compartment to throw in your Boveda Pack. Plus, the tiered system provides a great way to bring along a cutter and lighter without having to rearrange your whole golf bag.

For the whiskey lover

Nothing goes better with a premium cigar than a nice glass of whiskey. If you or the cigar lover in your life love whiskey just as much as cigars, this is your shopping list.

  • Cigar Whiskey Glass: Hold your cigar while sipping your whiskey. This awesome glass has a notch in the side to accommodate the cigar needs of any whiskey drinker. There are plenty of versions of these out there, so look around for one that fits your aesthetic –– or the style of whomever you are buying for.

  • Weller Bourbon: Or really any bourbon you or your giftee enjoy. We chose Weller because: a) it’s extremely good, and b) because Cohiba recently released a Weller cigar that is a must-have in any humidor. If they haven’t already been snagged up, the bourbon AND the cigar would make for a fantastic gift combo.

  • Bourbon Barrel Ashtray: We’ve linked a personalizable bourbon barrel ashtray, but there are countless options for you on Etsy as well. A nice ashtray is always a practical gift. However, the added style of having a spot on your ashtray for your whiskey glass AND having it made from a whiskey barrel is too cool not to be an exciting gift.

For the aficionado

While there’s nothing wrong with the other gifts in this guide, we’re about to break down the top three gifts for you or the person in your life whose top three hobbies are smoking cigars, collecting cigars and talking about cigars.

  • Humidor: This is no small purchase, but it is one that will affect the everyday life of any cigar smoker. Depending on where the current cigar collection lives, this could be as small as a 25-count desktop humidor or as large as a cabinet humidor holding hundreds of cigars. For any desktop humidor, we recommend avoiding glass tops. If you’re buying a cabinet humidor, we recommend going with a trusted brand – and also reaching out to us so we can become friends.

  • Locker At Their Favorite Lounge: Another big gift, a locker (or a membership, sometimes they go hand-in-hand) at the local lounge is not only a status symbol but a huge convenience. Support a local business and also give the gift of feeling like a king by purchasing a locker for yourself or the aficionado in your life.

  • Cigars: Okay, okay, this may feel like an obvious answer, but above all else, the aficionado in your life is going to want cigars. Either pick up a box of their favorite premium cigar or take them on a mini-shopping spree at their favorite shop or lounge.

    If this is a gift, ask them questions. We can guarantee they will want to spill the details on which cigars they want and why each and every one is an exciting find they are pumped to smoke.

When money's no issue

We tried to keep this list approachable for all budgets, but several gifts with a big price tag are too cool not to mention.

  • Les Fines Lames Cutter: Perhaps one of the most unique and tasteful cigar cutters on the market. While all cutters from Les Fines Lames are luxurious, dependable and eye-catching, this 18k gold Damasteel Björkmans twist blade cigar knife pushes past “really nice gift” territory and into something a billionaire may find in their personal cigar lounge.

  • Smoking Jacket: THE defining piece in cigar apparel, it doesn’t get more classy or classic than a nice smoking jacket. The linked velvet selection from Turnbull & Asser is double-breasted and available in navy, green and black. No matter which color you choose, it’ll be sure to secure the title of “gift-of-a-lifetime” from anyone distinguished enough to be in its presence.

  • S.T. Dupont Lighter and Humidor: The creators of fine French cigar accessories that take the bar of luxury cigar accouterment and then leave that bar behind in a plume of gold and diamond dust. The ultimate flex of any aficionado is to have an S.T. Dupont lighter; having the humidor as well will simply secure your legendary status. Unfortunately, S.T. Dupont lighters are not available online, so you will have to find an approved retailer if you plan on gifting from their collections.

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