Cigar Reviewed: Partagás Partagás de Bronce

Smoked at: My house

Palate: Pepper sensation (noticeable), Allspice (prominent), Citrus (hint),Mushroom (hint), Cedar (noticeable), Must (hint), Dried Leaves (hint)

Retrohale: Pepper sensation (noticeable), Nougat (noticeable), Bread (noticeable), Floral (noticeable), Toffee (hint), Honey (hint)

Construction suffered greatly due to canoeing throughout and a cracked wrapper near the foot early on due to heat expansion. Deceivingly strong as I felt it hit me halfway through. More nicotine than I would like in this nuanced flavor profile.

Beautiful presentation and box design. I like the classy hinges.

Partagas de Bronce made my favorites list. Box-worthy. I'd like to see more collaborations with El Titan de Bronze. Well-played and thank you General.

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