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Limited Release

Partagás Partagás de Bronce

Limited to 5,000 boxes, two legends of the cigar world have collaborated to bring you one exceptional cigar. Partagás is honored to have El Titan de Bronze make this cigar in the legendary Little Havana, Miami, USA. El Titan de Bronze has been making waves in the industry since 1995 and Partagás has been doing the same since 1845. This cigar exudes old world craftsmanship, style and heritage. It was only appropriate to pay tribute to the original Spanish spelling of our partner's name, El Titan de Bronce. Each cigar is carefully hand rolled in the United States, using exclusive, premium tobaccos. Each box is individually signed by the roller. We invite you to taste the difference 206 years of combined cigar history makes. Partagas de Bronce -- a name worthy of the old-world heritage and unparalleled quality.


Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

Earthy, Hazelnut, Toasty

Drink Pairings

Rye, Syrah, Cognac

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